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Our primary goal is to maintain the natural teeth and a healthy dentition. In order to achieve this goal, a good dental care at home at least twice a day, and a professional prophylaxis are necessary. Prophylaxis includes a six-month review by the dentist and professional dental cleanings.

Our professional dental cleaning not only consists in the removal of hard plaque, the so-called tartar,  but also in the elimination of superficial discoloration.


Finally we examine all teeth and surrounding tissues to diagnose diseases such as caries and periodontal disease at an early stage.

On this occasion we gladly advise you on how to improve your individual oral hygiene.


For oral hygiene at home, we recommend:




- Good tooth brushing 3 minutes, 2-3 times a day




- Healthy and sugar-free food




- Daily flossing and being aware for possible bleeding of the gums